Alpha Viewer Downloads

Latest version 0.1.14 Released 15th April 2022.

The Galaxy Viewer is a .Net 5 application and includes all runtimes and required libraries from Microsoft and MonoGame. Simply extract the contents to a folder and run 'Galaxy.Viewer.exe' for Windows or 'Galaxy.Viewer' if using Linux or Mac.


Windows 7/10/11 64-Bit
Mac OSX 64-Bit



  1. Arrow keys move the avatar
  2. Right Mouse hold down and drag side to side to turn avatar
  3. Hold shift while walking to run
  4. Ctrl to jump
  5. In fly mode, the +/- keys increase how fast the avatar moves
  6. In fly mode, Page Up/Down Adjust altitude
  7. Additional view settings see Settings menu
  8. Ctrl+C switch between 3rd and 1st person camera views
  9. Ctrl+W Toggle wire frame rendering
  10. Ctrl+U Toggle landscape LOD on/off