Walking & Running

To walk around the world use the arrow keys and steer the avatar by holding down the right mouse button and dragging side to side. By default the left and right arrows will side step, this behavior can be changed to rotate the avatar instead from the Settings window. While walking, hold down the shift key to make the avatar run. Pressing Ctr will make the avatar jump.


To teleport between locations there are a few options. To teleport to a near by position in your current view, right click the location you want to land at and select 'Teleport Here' from the popup menu. To teleport to other locations there are three main options, searching for planets, looking at published locations or using landmark inventory items.

Searching For Locations

The search window can be opened from the button bar along the bottom of the game window and includes options to search for both planets and listed locations. Double click a search result, or right click and select info from the popup menu to open a window with further information about the selected planet or location. This window will show a teleport button.

A landmark is a special inventory item that acts similar to a web browsers bookmarks and is used to remember locations. You can create a landmark in your inventory by going to the place you want to remember and selecting 'Location > Create Landmark'  from the top menu. Landmarks can then be shared in the same way as other inventory items. Opening the item from your inventory will then show information about that location and as with other location information windows there will be a teleport button.

Camera View

The default camera is 'Third Person' and will follow behind your avatar as you move around the world. To change to 'First Person' choose 'View > First Person'  from the top menu. This menu also has the option to open the camera control window where you can adjust the camera offsets directly.


The alpha version includes the option to fly your avatar Independent of gravity and the physics system. To change to this mode select 'Avatar > Fly'  from the top menu, now your avatar can move up and down using the PgUp and PgDown keys.

The speed the avatar now moves can be increased by changing the 'Fly Speed Multiplier' from the settings menu or using the plus and minus keys. Each time you press plus, the multiplyer is doubled and moving the avatar will result in faster movement. The speed multiplyer has no maximum range restrictions but moving too fast can cause problems with loading and unloading and can result in crashes. This system is included to help move around the world fast for testing purposes and will be replaced with a more natural and speed restricted flying option in the future.