Change Log


Version 0.1.14

  1. Update social group meta
  2. Fix intermittent crash caused by animation controller
  3. Add ability to run and jump. Hold shift while walking to run. Hit Ctrl to jump
  4. Models now show a sphere while loading or if load fails
  5. Fix viewer not sending zone requests when leaving a zone
  6. Planet settings can be edited to set different terrain textures
  7. Fix bug with file select dialog on non windows platforms
  8. Model edit drag scale implemented but not fully functional
  9. Viewer settings now includes option to clear cache
  10. New shape 'Face' included in basic building preset models
  11. Fix hover labels being drawn under some UI elements
  12. Model edit window now has button bar along the top
  13. New asset type added, text file
  14. Basic textures are now not supported for models, use materials instead
  15. Add support for creation and edit of material assets
  16. Particle system added as model modifier, although still unable to edit
  17. Lots more bug fixes and optimizations
  18. Fix auto update

Version 0.1.13

  1. Manually installing dotnet runtimes is no longer necessary
  2. Auto Update now checks for updates and perform a one click update process at login
  3. Search list items now perform default action when double clicked
  4. Fix multiple bugs with avatar attachments
  5. Fix camera rotation bugs while in planets southern hemisphere
  6. Create social groups
  7. Display social group properties
  8. Invite members to social groups
  9. Eject members from social groups
  10. Fix bug causing viewer to crash if universe server was down
  11. Fixes for dragging selected models with world rotations set

Version 0.1.12

  1. Horizontal button bar now has hover tool tips to say what a button does
  2. Server now reports network exceptions are closes connection with out crashing
  3. Server should now no longer be crashed by webcrawlers connecting and overloading message buffer
  4. World Server is now known as Planet Server
  5. Servers now write to a log file
  6. Interplanetary teleports now fixed
  7. Improved model rendering efficiency

Viewer 0.1.11

  1. Include an XYZ offset in the camera control window
  2. Fix bug with local teleports being treated as a smooth transition rather than a jump
  3. Make sure remote avatars get updated when a user changes their attachments
  4. Show avatar attachments on the preview avatar inside appearance edit form
  5. Clicking the empty area of a list now unselects any selected items
  6. Include offset and scale for avatar attachments
  7. Allow avatar attachments to be edited in appearance edit window
  8. Appearance editor now has option to select which part of the preview avatar the camera targets
  9. Attachment requests from inventory window are now intercepted by Avatar edit window if it is open
  10. Fix crash while appearance edit window open and inventory manager sends multiple items to be worn in quick succession
  11. Allow avatar attachments to be moved to other attachment points. Currently only head and hands available