Spellscape is a virtual reality grid based on OpenSim technology.
Home of the RPG game 'Wizards of Honeywood'

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Virtual Worlds

The main world is known as Honeywood and is a group of islands.
There are shops, clubs and many other locations to explore here.

Customize Your Avatar

Membership is free, you can customize your avatar with clothes and accessory's from our marketplace and also from virtual stores in world.
Inventory archives (IAR files) can also be imported and exported through our web Inventory Manager*.

Explore & Make Friends

Spellscape features 3.7 km2 of virtual world to explore where you can play games and make new friends. We are also Hypergrid* enabled so you can visit thousands of worlds outside our grid with your Spellscape avatar.

* Export restrictions are in place to protect content creators rights.


While in world why not try our exclusive role play system 'Wizards of Honeywood'. Players take on the role of witches and wizards to solve puzzles, fight demons and explore the back story of their character. As you play the story will unfold on the website guiding you through the quests.

Region owners can also choose to create their own quests through the website for other residents to follow. These quests can follow any theme the creator wishes.

Build Your Own World

There are a limited number of free land parcels available. Full region simulators are also available. Located in Canada, our simulators are based on the latest OpenSim code and include extra features such as economy, role play, web management and variable sized regions.

Region prices start at just $10 (USD) per month, for more information visit our sim price calculator.

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