Land Rentals

If you dream of building your own home or creating something larger like a town or castle then you will need land. We have residential regions which are divided into parcels where residents can build alongside their neighbors. If you would like more privacy and space you can also rent a whole region.

Commercial stores are available for free in our main region, Honeywood. These commercial stores allow creators to have an inworld presence as well as listing their products on our marketplace.

Free Land In Hickory Grove

Small parcels are available in Hickory Grove region for free. When you claim a free parcel you can keep it as long as you want providing you renew your claim from the website each month.

There is a limited number of free parcels so claim yours today!

Luxury In Myrtle Grove

Larger parcels are available in Myrtle Grove region. These parcels are four times larger than our free land and include a beautiful suburban theme.

Each plot has an outdoor swimming pool and the region is divided by tree lined avenues.

Commercial Stores In Honeywood

Our main region Honeywood features Vandenbergh town. Here you will find commercial stores available to rent for free.

Commercial parcels are also managed using the land manager on our website.

 How to claim land

To claim land you must find an empty parcel in world with a red rental box. By paying the box the first months rent, the parcel will automatically transfer ownership to your avatar and the box will disappear. In the case of free land, simply click the box and choose claim from the popup menu.

After you claim the land, you will have full control of the parcel to build and edit land settings.

 Land Management

Login to the website to access the land management page. All your land parcels will be listed with options to extend your claim or abandon the land. This page will also show you the date that your claim is due to expire.

If you choose to abandon the land from the land management page, any full days credit will be refunded to your x dollar account. When you abandon land or your claim expires any objects left on the parcel will be returned to your inventory.

Need More Space?

If you want more space and freedom, why not rent a whole region all to yourself. For information and prices on renting your own region.

More Info
  • Access region & estate settings from the viewer
  • Multiple backup options
  • No neighbors
  • Variable sized regions at no extra cost
  • Create your own RPG quests