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Choosing a viewer

To connect to Spellscape you will need to download an OpenSim compatible viewer. For first time users we recommend using Kokua Viewer as Spellscape's connection information is already included in its list of grids.

Firestorm Viewer

Firestorm OS

The most popular viewer. You will need to add Spellscape to the grid list.

Kokua Viewer

Kokua Viewer

Simple to get started. Spellscape is already in the grid list.

Singularity Viewer


Recommended choice for laptops and computers with older graphics cards.

All OpenSim viewers listed are open source projects with no connection or affiliation to Spellscape. For viewer related support or bug reports, please refer to the viewers website.


Spellscape is also open to hypergrid travelers. The hypergrid is a group of opensim grids which allow avatars to cross from one grid to another.

To connect to Spellscape from another hypergrid enabled world, enter the HG Address below into your viewers map search.