About Us

Spellscape is a virtual reality grid based on OpenSimulator technology. We started the grid as a platform for our virtual role play system where players can choose quests from our quest directory and play in world. The quest webpage guides players though a series of game tasks which advance a story. As the player completes each task, the web page will reveal the next part of the story. Our theme for these quests is witches, wizards and magic. Players who rent regions at Spellscape can also create quests of their own for others to play. Any theme is welcome for these quests, just because we are following a theme doesn't mean other creators have to follow that theme as well.

Not all our visitors are here for role play. We also have land parcels for rent, a limited number of which are free.

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For general support please check our forums, you can also email us at


Spellscape is a limited company registered in the United Kingdom

Spellscape Ltd

71-75 Shelton Street
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