OpenSim Log View

For a while now we have had an application that displays OpenSim log files as they would appear on the console. The application known as 'OpenSim Log View', was created by Alicia Raven to make debugging and system maintenance a bit easier. Its a lot faster to find error messages in a log when they standout in red text. Alicia has now decided to release the source code for this application under the BSD license.

LogView is written in C# and the code is available from GitHub. Further down the page we have also provided a link to a precompiled binary version for people that are not familiar with compiling from source code.

LogView will display the Module names in the same colored text as on the console. Error messages will show up in red and warnings in yellow making them much easier to spot when looking through a long file. There are also some other highlighting features that have been added to help make information clearer. In this beta release, these highlights are limited to UUIDs and HTTP addresses. In the future this may be expanded to highlight other important types of information.


Future Plans

The code has been designed to make filtering the data possible. While this is not included in this release, it will be added at some point in the future. Each line is read as a class object, the module name is noted and the line assigned a type. This design structure is primarily so that in the future the display can be filtered to only show log lines for certain modules or to show only error messages for example.