Inventory Manager

The Spellscape inventory management system has arrived. This new website based system will allow residents to save and load inventory using archive files (*.iar). A whole inventory backup can be made or a specific folder can be selected from the inventory preview to be saved to an archive.

To respect the rights of content creators, we have implemented this feature with filters that will exclude all items for which the user does not have full content permissions. We hope that this feature will give our residents peace of mind as they can keep their own backups as well as encourage the distribution of free content using the archive file format.

The user will have five archive slots available on the server for uploading or creating archives. They can then view the contents of an archive before choosing whether to load to their inventory or download it to their computer. These slots are not intended for long term storage, archives will be removed after 30 days. The current storage limit is 200mb. As this is an experimental feature these limits are subject to change at any time.

The Inventory manager is available from the website 'User' dropdown menu.

We would like to know what people think to the new system, questions and comments are always welcome in our forums. If there are things that don't quite work or feature ideas that you think we have missed, let us know!