Hypergate Region

Now that Spellscape has been open to the hypergrid for awhile, we felt it was time we created a new region to fill with Hypergates to some of the cool locations out there on other grids.

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Region Manager

At the beginning of November we launched our Inventory manager which allows all residents to upload and download IAR files to and from their inventory. This month sees the release of our new region manager allowing region owners greater control over their regions and backups. A region owner can now upload an OAR file to the control panel and review information about its contents before choosing whether to load the archive to the sim. OAR files can also be created and downloaded.

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Inventory Manager

The Spellscape inventory management system has arrived. This new website based system will allow residents to save and load inventory using archive files (*.iar). A whole inventory backup can be made or a specific folder can be selected from the inventory preview to be saved to an archive.

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Halloween Ball

This years Halloween Ball at the Red Moon Club was a great success. This year for the first time we had hypergrid visitors joining our residents for the party. The costume contest was won by 'Lecroix Malvais' with his steampunk inspired undead lich avatar. Lecroix won the prize of a free region for 12 months.

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Hypergrid Comes To Spellscape

Hypergrid Is Here

I'm happy to announce that Spellscape is now open to the hypergrid. We have been planning on opening Hypergrid for quite some time now. The hold up has been due to concerns about content permissions. Our plan was to wait for the export permissions to be completed in OpenSim but as this appears to be on hold for now, we decided to implement our own export rules.

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