Playing Quests

A quest is an interactive story that you can follow in world guided by the website. Quests can consist of almost anything that can be scripted in world. You maybe given puzzles to solve, places to find or even AI monsters to battle with your wand. A quest can give you items in world that you may need to use later in the story.

Quests are divided into parts called nodes, you can only see the instructions for the node you are on, future nodes remain secret until you reach that part of the quest.

Starting Quests

To start a quest you must be logged into the website, the choose a quest from the Quest Directory and click the 'Start Quest' link. The page will then display the first quest node ready for you to follow. Don't worry if you don't have time to finish the full quest. When you return, simply log back into the website and use the 'Current Quest' link to the left of the site to see where you left off.

A quest may have another quest linked to it as a prerequisite. So to start the quest, a player must have completed the previous quest. This feature allows quest creators to create a chain of linked quests that must be played in order, so that the player can follow the narrative in the way the creator intended.

Experience Points

There are three types of experience points, potion, battle and quest xp. You are awarded quest points each time you complete a quest node. The further into the quest a node is, the more xp you will get for completing it.

Completing A Quest

When you finish the last node of a quest, the page informs you that you must cast an enchantment spell on the red sacred stone near the town square. The red stone is located in the region Vandenbergh near where you first arrived in world. The training quest will give more instructions on how to do this. If you have trouble finding the stone, search places in the viewer for 'Town Square'.


If you have a region on the grid and know some lsl scripting, why not try writing a quest yourself? More information about taking up the challenge can be found here.

Happy Questing!