Potion Mixing

To get a specific spell to use with your wand, you first need the corresponding potion for that spell. A potion is simply a spell trapped in a bottle for storage in your inventory. Potions can be obtained from the magical supply store in Vandenbergh town or you can make them yourself. When you mix your own, you will acquire potion experience points and loose some energy.



Every spell has a potion of the same name, these are all listed in the Potions Directory. Here you can find out what the potion is used for and how to mix it. Each potion has a recipe, the ingredients listed must first be collected. For example some plants that you may pass by in world can actually be harvested, simply click the plant to receive the ingredient item as an inventory item. Other types of item are harvested in different ways, honey for example, is found in bee hives that are often found in wooded areas. Clicking the bee hive shows a menu that displays how many units of honey are available at that time. Click the harvest button and you are given a honeycomb. To store the ingredients, bottles are available which can hold multiple units of an ingredient.

The Cauldron

When you have all the ingredients necessary to mix a potion, its time to find a cauldron. The magic store has a selection to choose from, and of course there is a free one. The cauldron can then be rezzed on your land or our sandbox region to begin mixing. The small cauldron can only hold a limited number of ingredients, if your potion requires a bigger cauldron you can use a public cauldron. Posters advertising the locations of these public cauldrons can be found at the magic store.

Using a cauldron is easy, click to open the cauldrons menu and select 'Light Fire' to begin. Now you want to rez the ingredients near by. You can use ingredients directly or bottled ingredients. Both when clicked display a menu with the option to 'Use' the ingredient. When used, the cauldron will change color, sparkle and your ingredient bottles contents will be reduced by one unit. Continue until each ingredient listed in the recipe is added. From the cauldron menu, select 'Mix' and providing the ingredients in the cauldron match a recipe, the cauldron will again change color and inform you of which potion has been mixed. Now mixing is complete your almost done, all you need to do is bottle the potion. This is done in a similar way to adding your ingredients to bottles however the empty bottles needed are different. Potion bottles are teardrop shaped and ingredient bottles more rounded. Rez an empty potion bottle and click to view the bottles menu. Select the bottle and then click the cauldron, now select 'Bottle' from the cauldrons menu. You will see the potion move from the cauldron to the bottle as a mist. Now the potion is ready to be used or stored.

Using Potions

A potion in a bottle is not going to be any use until its changed into a spell. To do this you click the potion bottle and select 'Use'. Now providing your wands spell list is not full, the potion bottle will empty and the potion has now added its self to your wand to be cast as a spell. To view the spells in your wand, click the red potion bottle icon on your player HUD. The menu shows the five spell types, Attack, Shield, Curse, Enchant and Ritual. Choose a spell type and then the menu will show the spells you have loaded for that type. There are nine spaces or 'spell slots' including a default spell for each of the five types. The default spells will never run out, spells you have added your self in the eight remaining spell slots will have a limited number of castings.

It is recommended to only load a potion into a spell slot in your wand if you need the spell. Remember the wand only has eight available slots for each type of spell. If you fill them up and then need a different spell, you may have to use up an existing spell to make space. If you use a potion and already have the spell, it will add to the number of castings and not use two slots for the same spell.