Spellscape RPG Guide

Welcome to the beginners guide to our role play game, where you can take on the role of witch or wizard and follow interactive quests across the grid. You will need a wand controlled by the Player HUD which is used to perform magical spells to help you progress through the game. These are both available free from Merlin's Magic Store in world, or Spellscape Marketplace.

The aim of this project is to make the virtual environment more interactive and interesting. The game is designed to allow users to create their own content, write quests and to build on existing game mythology. Creators can access our extended LSL script API that allows objects to tie directly into the game system.

Casting Spells

Spells are colored balls of light that are cast from your wand at a target. The wand has a limited choice of spells to start with, but you can add others to the menu by using potions. Eventually there will be a large number of spells to choose from. Specific spells will be needed to progress through quests and others to defeat enemies in battle.

Only special objects and players holding a wand can be targeted. These target limits are to prevent griefers causing annoyance to others on the grid that choose not to play the game.

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Mixing Potions

All spells have a corresponding potion. The potion is mixed in a cauldron from ingredients collected in world. It can then be placed in a bottle and kept in your inventory until needed. When a potion is used, it loads its spell to your wand.

Potions can either be obtained from the magic store or you can mix them yourself, providing you have the correct ingredients.

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To start with, you will be assigned membership in one of the grid managed covens. You can however choose to join another coven, perhaps one that your friends are members of. As you gain more experience you may even decide to start your own coven and invite your friends to join.

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Playing Quests

Quests are what the game is all about. A quest is a short story that takes you round the grid where you will encounter various tasks and riddles which must be solved to progress. Your current place in a quest will be shown on the website with information on what to do and where to go next.

For a full list of current quests visit the Quest Directory.

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Creating Quests

To make things more interesting and diverse, we want to invite our users to get creative and come up with their own quests for others to follow. If you have a region on the grid and some knowledge of scripting then you can join in. We want to encourage people to interact more with the world around them. A beautiful world is great, an interactive world is better!

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