• Explore The Galaxy

    Explore a whole galaxy of fully spherical virtual worlds. Space has no borders. Find new places and new friends!

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  • Play Games

    Play games in worlds and in space! Players can even create their own games.

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  • Create Your Own World

    Players can build their own worlds. Create models directly in world from basic 3D shapes or import model files from your favorite modeling program.

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  • Avatar Appearance

    Your avatar can be customised by wearing clothing items from inventory or attaching 3D models to the skeleton. Items can be worn or removed by right clicking the inventory item and selecting 'Wear Item' or 'Remove Item' from the context menu.

    More detailed appearance settings can be accessed by right clicking your avatar and selecting 'Edit Appearance' from the Avatars context menu. This will open the Appearance Editor.

  • Creating Clothing

    You can create your own clothing inventory items from textures made with Photoshop or Gimp. These clothing items can then be worn on your avatar and also shared with other users in the same way as other inventory items like models.